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How Often Homeowners and Business Should Clean Gutters...

There’s no getting around it: gutters must be cleaned regularly to avoid costly damage to your home. Regular gutter cleaning is also a must if you own a business.

Many property owners don’t realize how much damage can be caused by leaves, pine cones and other items that accumulate in gutters.


How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Most homeowners only need to have their gutters cleaned once a year. However, a twice-yearly Spring/Fall residential gutter cleaning schedule is needed in some cases. Oak trees, for example, leave behind pollen from their husks that, when wet, can cause serious clogging.

Pine trees can be even worse; clogging from their needles can mean a quarterly gutter cleaning routine is in order.

Moisture from accumulated debris can result in mold, and if it freezes, you could experience cracks in your foundation. Water gathering behind fascia boards can cause rotting and leave you vulnerable to animal invasions and other hazards.


Why Hire a Professional?

You might think cleaning your own gutters will save you money, and be easy! The truth is, without the proper equipment you could fall and be seriously injured! The risk is simply not worth it!

We have the right ladders and cleaning tools to properly unclog any downspout or gutter system without damaging the system, allowing the water to flow freely!

Protect your home or business with a regular gutter cleaning. Diamonds Window Cleaning proudly serves both residential and commercial customers.


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