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How often should I get my windows cleaned?

Whether you own a home or business, regular window cleaning is a must.

Dirty windows create a bad first impression, making even the best-kept properties look unkempt or neglected.

If you’re ready to get your windows in tip-top condition, read on to find out how often you should clean them for a picture-perfect view.

Window Cleaning Schedule for Residential Needs

Maintaining a routine for cleaning your windows boosts your curb appeal and helps ensure that your house is guest-ready. If you can’t — or don’t want to — tackle this deep-cleaning chore yourself, hire a commercial window cleaning firm once or twice a year.

Spot-clean regularly with a water-dampened microfiber made for glass, and you’ll always be prepared for last minute visits.


Cleaning Windows in a Commercial Setting

Keeping the windows at your business sparkling-clean may be even more crucial, especially if you run a restaurant or other type of service-based enterprise. If you serve food or provide healthcare services, customers need to know that your company operates in a clean, hygienic setting.

These types of businesses should hire a window cleaning company at least once every other month; monthly cleanings are ideal. For other types of businesses, a twice-yearly schedule is fine.

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